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The Jeevutsav was started in 1999. It is a quarterly magazine published by the Archdiocesan Human Life Committee and edited by Dr. Jeanette Pinto. Each issue has a theme, which is most relevant to any of the current prolife or anti-life debate.  Contribution of various prolifers are published in the Jeevutsav. 


Other books released by the Archdiocesan Human Life Committee are:

Natural Family Planning

Contraceptive Mentality

Gift of Life

Dealing with Death and Dying

The Tiny Foot


Prolife pamphlets and materials for distribution at schools, colleges and churches are prepared and circulated by the Archdiocesan Human Life Committee:

Leaflets on AIDS

Posters, bookmarks, prayer cards, etc on Abortion


Prayers for Life

Death and Dying

Who killed baby?


For copies of these books or publications, please contact

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