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Asia Pacific Conferences organized by Human Life International (ASPAC)

Human Life International’s Asia-Pacific Congress (ASPAC) on Faith, Life and Family is the biggest gathering of pro-life leaders in Asia and Oceania who want to learn and be involved in the promotion and defence of faith, life, and family in the region. ASPAC is a training ground for pro-life leaders and future leaders to be able to efficiently and effectively defend life in their respective countries. At the same time, ASPAC serves as forum for pro-life leaders around the region and the world to share and inspire each other as they continually face the increasing challenges in the mission for the promotion and defence of faith, life, and family. The Congress has been graced by officials from the Vatican, Papal Nuncios, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, clergy, religious, and prominent lay leaders in the international pro-life movement since it began in Bangalore, India in 1994.

Along with discussing pressing issues facing the region in the fight for life and family, prayer and a focus on living our Catholic faith is a part of every ASPAC with group prayers of the Rosary, attendance of Holy Mass, and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament available each day. The Congress also attracts people of other faiths, not only from Asia and Oceania, but from other parts of the world as well, who are united in the defence of life.

Members of the Archdiocesan Human Life committee have been attending the conferences since 1998. At these thematic conferences, they have been presenting papers on various prolife topics with reference to our country and archdiocese.

In November 2017, four delegates from the Archdiocesan Human Life Committee attended the 21st Asian Pacific Congress – ASPAC on FAITH, LIFE AND FAMILY, held at Bangkok. The theme was ‘Put out into the Deep: Defending the Family, Hope of the Dying World.’ It was well attended with representatives from twenty-one countries including Bolivia and Croatia. Rev. Fr. ShenanBoquet and Dr. Brian Clowes from HLI International, along with Dr.LigayaAcousta, President of HLI – Asia were the main speakers. It was heartening to see more than thirty prolife delegates from India with Goa taking the lead; they had a contingent of about 20 members.


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