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The Prolife Day Rally was held at St. Joseph’s High School Hall at Bandra. The theme was, 'Life a Fruit of Love'. There were heart-warming testimonies by two prolife married couples: Marita and Terrence Cardoz and Pranali and Ivor D’Mello on how they live their marriage vows in conformity to the Church's teachings. Vally and Anna, the well-known couple from Goa and the authority on John Pauls Theology of The Body and on NFP were awarded the Sister Annunciata Award for their sterling contribution in educating couples on living Christian values in their family lives and being open to life. Bishop Agnelo Gracias was awarded the Lily and Rose award for his contribution to the Prolife movement in the Archdiocese and his landmark work in this area. The high light of the day was the Holy Eucharist concelebrated by Bishop Allwyn D’Silva and Bishop Agnelo Gracias. ita4�:�


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